TV Eger

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TV Eger

TV Eger is a local TV channel based in Eger (a small city in the north of Hungary). TV Eger shows recorded news items.

Halom TV Live

Halom TV is a community TV channel for the city of Szazhalombatta and the region arround this city. It offers local news programming and entertainment.


BPTV is a commercial TV channel from Budapest. The channel started broadcasting in 1995. Media Player is required to watch the online stream.

Kapos TV Recorded

Kapos TV is a local TV from Kaposvar Somogy County. The channel reports about Public life, economy, culture and sports. Every evening at seven ...

Sopron TV Recorded

Sopron TV Recorded

Sopron TV is a local TV station from the city Sopron. The station is a result of the Sopron Cable Company that was founded in 1991. Sopron TV ...